Register For The “DSTAR Gateway System”

DSTAR Gateway Registration Instructions

Register ONLY on 

Remember your password you gave it!!


 Registration is a multistep process.

1.       You register on the repeater web site with your call sign and a password you need to remember.  There is no way to recover your password later!

2.       Then the repeater admin. will approve you – quick way:  send Kent Hufford, KQ4KK, an email and request his approval of your initial registration:  KHUFFORD@ATLANTICBB.NET .

3.      When you are approved, YOU must go back and fill out the form as shown below.

4.       Then it needs to be propagated through the network, could take 24 hours or more

Call if you have questions 803-392-7339


Look at entry #1.  It has my call sign, then in the Initial block type a single space (spacebar).  This will not show up but is very important.  The single space bar “tap” will make the block go away.

Then click “UPDATE.”

You’re done.  It will take 24-48 hours for your registration to propagate through the systems.

When it has propagated, you will be able to use D-STAR reflectors!


D-Star Self Registration Instructions- but still only register on!!!!

Click on the checkbox next to the number “1”.  Then click inside the “Initial” box to the right of your callsign on the same line as the number “1”.  Type in a single space bar space.  This will not show up but is very important