QN codes

QNA* Answer in prearranged order.
QNB* Act as relay Between _____ and _____
QNC All net stations Copy. I have a message for all net stations.
QND* Net is Directed (controlled by net control station).
QNE* Entire net stand by.
QNF Net is Free (not controlled).
QNG Take over as net control station.
QNH Your net frequency is High.
QNI Net stations report In.*.
I am reporting into the net. (Follow with a list or traffic or QRU).
QNJ Can you copy me?
Can you copy _____?
QNK* Transmit message for _____ to _____
QNL Your net frequency is Low.
QNM* You are QRMing the net. Stand by.
QNN Net control station is _____
What station has net control?
QNO Station is leaving the net.
QNP Unable to copy you. Unable to copy _____
QNQ* Move frequency to _____ and wait for _____ to finish handling traffic. Then send him traffic for _____
QNR Answer _____ and Receive traffic.
QNS* Following Stations are in the net. *(Follow with list.)
Request list of stations in the net.
QNT I request permission to leave the net for _____ minutes.
QNU* The net has traffic for you. Stand by.
QNV* Establish contact with _____ on this frequency. If successful, move to _____ and send him traffic for _____
QNW How do I route messages for _____?
QNX You are excused from the net.* Request to be excused from the net.
QNY* Shift to another frequency (or to _____ kHz) to clear traffic with _____
QNZ Zero beat your signal with mine.
* For use only by the Net Control Station.