Find all hams in your county


  1. Go to this web page: (opens a new tab)
  2. Type in the name of your county, then choose it from the drop down
  3. Just below the map will be a list of the zip codes in your county.  You will use each of these zip codes to find all the hams in each zip code.


You really need to have Excel, Open Office, LIbre Office or the equivalent installed on your computer.

Open your spreadsheet program

Go to (opens a new tab)

  1. Use the zip codes you found on web page
  2. Choose how you want to sort, then I recommend you display format in a .csv file because it will load right into your spreadsheet program.
  3. Click “Show Hams”
    1. Look for Hams (1).xls in your downloaded files folder.  It may just pop up on the page you’re in.  When you find it, double click it.
    2. Go to your spreadsheet program and the “TEXT IMPORT” popup should be on the page.  Clicking “OK” should work for you
    3. Your spreadsheet should populate automatically.
  4. Continue this process through all of your zip codes. 
  5. Copy and paste each ensuing spreadsheet into one main spreadsheet.
  6. When you’ve searched out every zip code in your county, you should have complete list of all hams in ​your county in your main spreadsheet.
  7. Be sure to search your main spreadsheet for expired stations, too.  There will probably be a few mixed in.