My Website Hosting Company

I have been in the website hosting and website development business since 1996. I currently host websites that include multi-million dollar, international businesses, blogs for teenagers and everything in between.

I own more that one server because I keep the number of sites on my servers down. Can you believe that the majority of hosting companies are greedy enough to pack 10,000-160,000 websites into one server? Imagine all of those websites vying for CPU time and then trying to squeeze out one small cable to get to the Internet. It’s one of my pet peeves: self-serving, greedy people and/or greedy companies.

My servers are now all cloud-based with only solid state disk drives as opposed to the now outdated hard disks with spinning platters and “seek times.” The “seek time” on my solid state drives is instantaneous – it’s all lightning fast with non-moving electronics. With less than 50 websites on any one of my cloud servers, there is no overworked hardware and no bottlenecks to get to the Internet , so my servers have been down for less than 4 minutes in the last two years.

I know they’ve been down about 4 minutes because I constantly monitor them. I also have external software that helps me monitor my servers. The only tech support requests I’ve received in the past two years have been 2 lost passwords.

Yes, my servers have had a couple of “issues” in this amount of time. They all do. However, not even one of my “hosters” noticed because I fixed or had the issue fixed before anyone noticed.

I make every effort to exceed the expectations of my “hosters.” I like to exceed my own expectations, too!

My staff is small, but I have three extremely part-time techs to help me with the servers and tech support. The reason they’re extremely part-time is that “websites in the cloud” are redundantly hosted on more than one server, I make sure all hardware is very new and frequently updated and all software is the latest and greatest and up-to-date.

I prefer to keep these tech guys lonely because that means you’re having an exceedingly good experience with your website(s) and I’m keeping costs down. After all, I have several websites on these servers, too.

“Keeping costs down” means that your amazing hosting experience will only cost you $50 per year prorated from the time you come on board until December 31 of the current year. I have one hosting plan: all of everything you need for $50 per year for all inclusive hosting + refunds are available anytime during the year for all days remaining in the year.

I call it inclusive hosting because I offer everything the big hosting companies offer, but I’m not ashamed to say that I do it a lot better with a lot more personal attention. If you’re a WordPress or eCommerce hoster, I even do the initial set up and hardening (security) of your website before I turn it over to you.

Subject to acceptance, if you need a website that you’ll be proud of, I can put a new website on the ‘net for you or rework a tired one, too. I specialize in WordPress, eCommerce and HTML websites.

If you currently run a WordPress website, an ecommerce website or an HTML website or would like to have one on one of my servers, please use the contact form on this website to inquire.


John MacDonald