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I grew up a “Navy kid” so, I have lived in Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Japan, Okinawa, Maine, Virginia, Georgia and Florida. As a consequence, I attended 13 different schools from kindergarten to high school. Tired of moving around, I attended all four years of college at Georgia Southern University where I met my future wife, Debbie, now N4APZ.  I have since lived in FL for 23 years and GA for 24 years.

Debbie and I have been married over 40 years.  We live back-and-forth between our house on Amelia Island, FL and a 20 acre mini-farm about 20 miles south of Augusta, GA. We have two grown, educated and married daughters, both of whom are enthusiastically and totally uninterested in ham radio. We also have two granddaughters: Aubrey, 17, who will attend the U or Georgia in the fall of 2017, and Brylie, 9, who is absolutely horrible at CW, but loves to sit on my lap while assuming the role of “assistant Morse code key or SSB microphone operator.”

Debbie and I are both veterans of thirty-four years in education, but we are pleased to report that we are both retired and fully recovered from our educational endeavors. We tell people that “most days, we don’t do anything and we usually don’t start that until after lunch.”

I was a physics & chemistry teacher for a few years, a principal or some other type of school-based administrator for twenty-seven years, an occasional adjunct college professor and I finished out my educational career in a regional office of the Georgia Department of Education a few years ago.

I am a member of the:
● American Radio Relay League (ARRL) – Life member
● A-1 Operators Club
●South Coast Amateur Radio Service #10348
● 10-10 International Association #15706
● Southeastern Repeater Association
● FISTS Club #16084
● ARRL – life member
Burke Amateur Radio Club (life member and current president)
● Amateur Radio Club of Augusta
● Columbia County Amateur Radio Club

Besides Amateur Radio
I enjoy golf, but I stay in shape by playing tennis, which I got into literally by accident (broken arm playing h.s. football). After a successful college tennis career, I played tennis professionally for a few years albeit at a level that was not quite at the pinnacle of the game.

I have enjoyed a number of years as a tennis club owner and teaching pro. I was a school administrator, but I taught a LOT of tennis lessons after school and on the weekends.

Besides ham radio, most of my free time now is spent with Debbie trying out a new restaurant, walking on Fernandina Beach with “The Boys,” sitting around our backyard fire pit at “the farm” in Georgia, playing golf with my two son-in-laws or just hanging out at the huntin’ club with the guys. On Saturdays in the fall months, you’ll more than likely find us watching football games whether it’s at home or on the road somewhere.


Other Hams In Our Immediate Families:
Bill MacDonald, Jr. (silent key), ex-K4BR, VP9JM, KR6AO (Okinawa), W2CIS and, when first licensed in 1921, 2CIS – Father
Bill MacDonald III, (silent key),W7VAG – Brother
Rev. Tom Oliver, KA4HED – Father-in-law
Julie Oliver Pickle, KA4DYV (silent key) – Sister-in-law
Alan Williams, KK4OHV – Cousin

John MacDonald – K4BR
(cell) 706-466-5646